21 Great Fly Fishing Instagram Accounts to Follow

When you can’t be on the water fishing, following other great fly fishermen on Instagram can be a good way to get your fix. You can look at great photos and also learn a thing or two.

Many fly fishing accounts are pretty broad, and I’d say most focus on trout. However, there are plenty of niche topics within the fly fishing world, so I decided to break the list up into some smaller categories. This way you can find exactly the type of content you want.

If You Like a Mix

This bunch is for you if you like a good mix of trout, saltwater, gear, fly tying, and everything else. These are your all-around good ol’ fashioned fly fishing pages that will give you something good to look at any time you need to scratch your fishy itch.






If You Like Lady Fly Fishers

If you’re a rad fishing woman, or like rad fishing women, you’ll want to give these pages a look. Some of these accounts are for specific people, and others feature a variety of anglers.





If You Like Saltwater Fishing

When it’s time to put away the waders and grab a set of swim trunks, this is the place to go. From bonefish to permit, and tarpon to trevally, these accounts will have you covered.




If You Like Warmwater Fly Fishing

There are two types of fly fishermen out there. Those that admit they love catching bass on the fly, and liars. As much as we all love a good trout stream, there’s just something about bass and pike destroying poppers on the surface that can’t be beaten.





If You Like Fly Tying

When you need a break from fish pictures, looking at intricate flies can be a great alternative. Not only do you get to see interesting patterns, but maybe you’ll learn some new ones and get a chance to tie them yourself.


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If You Like Fly Fishing Art

There are some amazing artists out there who also happen to love fly fishing. Whether you’re just looking for some cool pictures or maybe looking to find some good wall decorations, these pages will give you what you need.





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