Flyathlon Fundraiser

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This will be my 4th year competing in the Lake Fork Flyathlon. For those who haven’t experienced a Flyathlon before, here are some details.

A Flyathlon is like a regular triathlon, but the events are running, fishing, and drinking beer. Drinking beer isn’t actually something you’re measured on, but they provide an ample amount of it while you race. Racers run along a stream and have to carry all gear with them. The goal is to catch at least one fish, and get it measured, before crossing the finish line. The bigger your fish, the more time is knocked off your total race time. If you don’t catch a fish, you get a penalty.

While the Flyathlon is a great time with tons of fun people, the real goal is to raise money for native trout conservation. So far, past events have raised over $150,000. This money goes toward things like stream restoration, trail work, educational signage, and greenback cutthroat conservation, among many other projects. 

I’m so excited to be participating in this event again this year, and in doing so I’m tasked with raising at least $250 for conservation. I raised my goal $300, and hope to crush it.

If you love to fish, appreciate native trout, and have a few dollars to spare, I would greatly appreciate any help raising money for this cause. All proceeds go to Running Rivers, the 501(c)(3) that puts on the Flyathlon. They are a 100% volunteer-run group who is making a difference for the fish we love.

Here is a link to the fundraiser.