Flyathlon Fundraiser


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This will be my 6th year competing in the Flyathlon, and after a long, snowy winter, I’m already looking forward to warm days on the water.

As always, a quick overview for those who aren’t familiar with the concept: think of a Flyathlon as a triathlon that’s way more fun. Instead of running, biking, and swimming, we trail run, catch fish, and drink beer. While beer drinking is done more as an event-long activity than an actual race event, the running and fishing are part of the race. Catch a fish before you cross the finish line, or you’ll face a time penalty. Catch a behemoth, and you’ll shave some time off.

However, while this is truly one of my favorite weekends every year, the main purpose of the race is to raise money for native trout conservation. Here in Colorado, our favorite native fish is the cutthroat trout. These fish have faced obstacles in the form of nonnative species and habitat loss, among others, and need all the help they can get.

If you have even a few extra dollars, please consider donating to this wonderful event, which funds trout conservation, angler access, and community education centered around the cutthroat trout!

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