Guest Posts and Linking

Guest Posts

I love reading and sharing others’ insights, experiences, and points of view on Fish Untamed. So, I’m happy to share guest posts in the blog section of the website. Guest posts are a win-win. They take the writing load off me for a bit, and provide the writer a way to get a little more exposure to their website. For all guest posts, I include a short bio, photo, and link for the writer. 

There are a few stipulations for guest posts, so give them a read-through before submitting:

  •  Relevant – Fish Untamed is a backcountry fly fishing website. So, a guest post should be related to at least one of these topics. It can be a story, a list of tips, a news piece, or anything else, as long as it’s connected to fly fishing, conservation, or the backcountry. Do you love baitfishing for marlin? That’s awesome, but it’s not right for this website.
  • Well-written – I’m definitely not the best writer out there, and I know that. That said, I’m able to string a complete thought together and proofread my work, and that’s all I ask of guest posts. I’ll proofread and edit minor mistakes in any guest post I choose to publish, but there should be very little editing needed.
  • Accurate – You don’t need to be an expert to submit a guest post by any means. I’m not an expert either! However, I do want the content on Fish Untamed to be as accurate as possible, so please account for that when sharing any factual information in your writing.

If you’re interested in guest posting on Fish Untamed, please reach out via the Contact form and let me know a bit about yourself and the topic you’re interested in sharing. If it sounds good, I’ll follow up and request a draft of the article you’d like to submit.


When I write an article, I link to outside content that I think would be valuable to the reader. I choose these links based on what I think my audience will find most useful. Therefore, I do not link to websites simply by the request of the website owner. 

I’m always happy to hear suggestions of topics you’d like to read about, guests you’d like to hear from on the podcast, and any other helpful suggestions about the website. However, if I didn’t choose to link to a website while writing, I won’t be linking to it by request. This is simply because I want readers to know I solely have their interests in mind when deciding which links to include.