Fish for Free Days, 2019

Most people know a fishing license is required to fish in the US. Each state has its own licensing system, and most have options for annual licenses, day licenses, and multi-day licenses. But, did you know that almost every state has at least one Fish for Free Day each year?

This is a day, or sometimes multiple days, when no license is required to fish.

These days are perfect for those who want to try fishing without the burden of buying a license. Especially if you’re not sure if fishing is your thing, these days are a great way to find out without spending the money.

Keep in mind that typically, all other regulations like bag and possession limits still apply. Additionally, it’s always best to double check your state’s written regulations before hitting the water without a license on these days, in case of any changes.

2 fly fishermen fish in a foggy river.
NPS / Jacob W. Frank

2019 Fish for Free Days

Alabama June 8
Arkansas June 7-9
Arizona June 1
California July 6
August 31
Colorado June 1-2
Connecticut May 11
DC June 1-9
Delaware June 1-2
Florida April 6-7 (freshwater)
June 1-2 (saltwater)
June 8-9 (freshwater)
September 7 (saltwater)
November 30 (saltwater)
Georgia June 1 (8am-noon)
June 8 (8am-noon)
September 28 (8am-noon)
Hawaii 365 days a year (marine)
Iowa June 7-9
Idaho June 8
Illinois June 15-16
Indiana April 20
May 18
June 1-2
Kansas June 1-2
Kentucky June 1-2
Louisiana June 8-9
Maine June 1-2
Maryland June 1
June 8
July 4
Massachusetts June 1-2 (freshwater)
June 15-16 (saltwater)
Michigan June 8-9
Minnesota May 11-12 Mothers who are residents of MN
June 7-9 Residents 16 or older who take a child 15 or under
Missouri June 8-9
Mississippi June 1-2
July 4 (saltwater)
Montana June 15-16
North Carolina July 4
North Dakota June 1-2
December 28-29 (ice fishing)
Nebraska May 18
New Hampshire June 1
New Jersey June 8
October 19
New Mexico June 1
New York June 29-30
September 28
November 11
Nevada June 8
Ohio May 4-5
Oklahoma June 1-2
Oregon June 1-2
August 17-18
November 29-30
Pennsylvania May 26 July 4
Rhode Island May 4-5 (freshwater)
South Carolina May 27
July 4
South Dakota May 17-19
Tennessee June 8
Texas June 1
Utah June 8
Virginia June 7-9
Vermont June 8
Washington June 8-9
Wisconsin June 1-2
West Virginia June 8-9
Wyoming June 1

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